I Wanna Be A Cowboy!

Many of us grew up wishing we could be cowboys. Most of us never made it. The cowboy way of life is a hard one, full of challenges and obstacles. You gotta be tough to be a cowboy. While we completely and fully respect cowboys and adopt many of their ways and methods with livestock and horses, we don’t claim to be cowboys. As you read our blog, always keep in mind we don’t claim to be real cowboys. We don’t deserve to be cowboys and don’t pretend to take credit where it is not due.

My grandfather was a cowboy. He served in World War I and took a bullet in the leg near the knee. The army doctor told him it would have to be amputed when gangrene developed. As they were about to put him under to remove the leg, he grabbed the doctor by the shirt collar and let him know he’d kill him if he woke up without that leg. When he arrived back in the U.S., the leg never bent again, but he still had it. Back to work as a cowboy, he couldn’t ride so he drove the chuckwagon.

Real cowboys are tough inside and out. We respect and honor the American cowboy!


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