People Get Hurt Riding Horses

We hear it everyday, someone got hurt riding a horse. It happens usually for two reasons, both that could be avoided. At the same time, we know folks who have ridden all their life and never really been hurt, other than a few scrapes here and there.

Generally speaking if you get hurt riding horses, you exceeded your own limitations or those of the horse. Funny how a lot of people think riding is different from everything else in life. For instance, how many people take two hours of flying lessons and ask to take the pilot’s seat on a 747. But spend two hours on a quiet, gentle horse and suddenly they’re ready to ride the wildest bronc in the pasture. Go figure.

If you don’t know your own limitations or that of the horse, you are a wreck just waiting to happen. How many parents send their newly licensed 16 year old to the grocery store in the middle of the first ice storm of the year? You get the point, horses aren’t any more dangerous than the people riding them. Keep reading our blog and we will help show you some ways to have a great time and avoid all kinds of needless accidents and injuries while still having a great time!


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