Two Year Trail Horse Training

We set out to develop a two full year training program for trail horses. The program is designed to expose two year old geldings to everything we can dream up. The horses are ridden nearly every day and taught to be patient, calm, and ready for anything. We start with young horses for several reasons. First, to avoid having to unfix problems someone else created for us. Second, so the next owner has a well broke horse with lots of life remaining and plenty of energy for all kinds of activities.

The program started like so many things in life do, pure frustration! It seemed the world was full of people with good trail horses for sale. You know the ones; can’t catch, can’t bridle, won’t stand while you mount, don’t neck rein, won’t back, and booger at every leaf blowing down the trail!  It really got old driving 40 miles to the next great prospect and finding another dud after wasting a lot of gas.

The goal is to turn out eight horses a year. The horses are worked initially with one trainer and slowly taught basic skills. Later, the horses are presented with numerous different riders to get used to the idea that more than just the trainer is going to be riding.  Detailed training logs are kept to monitor the progress of each horse and to allow potential buyers the opportunity to see the training.  As time passes, we hope to show you some of these horses in this blog and let you get to know them.

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