Montana Going To Be A Nice Trail Horse

Photograph of Montana


Montana has been in a slow training program all her life. She was started with a halter and learned to lead about two months old. By 3 months she was wearing blankets and occasionally a kid saddle. We used to put flat rocks all over her back while she was eating and threw empty feed sacks under her feet. We wanted calm and were determined to get there. At a little over two years old now, Montana was started under saddle for real. She has never bucked or reared and always at ease during training. The rides are kept fairly slow and short. Usually only a few miles at a walk while she continues to grow. Montana’s blood lines are cowhorse and she will not be real large, probably 14 or 14.1 hands when she stops growing.She is very smart and learns quickly. Most important to our program is her good nature and willingness to readily accept new things without fear or becoming overly excited. We have high hopes for Montana and look forward to seeing her at the end of graduation in two more years. More about her progress  as time passes.


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