Jack The Rescue Horse

Jack is a real American hero. He found a lost three-year old boy. News on 6 reported the story. The video gives the details with a happy ending. The boy, age 3, wandered away and got lost. Jack was being worked along the highway when fast-moving cars, helicoptors, and planes began filling up the area. A police car pulled  over and asked Shawn if he had seen the boy.

Typical of Shawn, he offered to help search the area using Jack. The horse is used to the rough terrain and made the perfect horse for the job. Jack is alert and attentive to his surrounding without being afraid. With all the noise from the planes and helicopters, it was really hard to hear. But Jack’s keen ears picked up the boy’s German Shepherd barking and growling.

Careful to pay attention to his horse, Shawn urged Jack to go toward whatever had caught his attention and found the boy in a ravine. Law enforcement were immediately notified and emergency crews took over. After more than four hours in the hot sun and working hard, Shawn headed Jack back towards the ranch for well deserved, long drink of cool water.

We’re  proud of Jack and thrilled Shawn was able to help out. Training horses is great fun, but getting to help others at the same time is icing on the cake.  We’ll show you a photo of Jack and tell you more about him in future posts.


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