My Name’s Pete

PeteHi, I’m Pete.  I am an AQHA registered quarter horse and  just finished the first  year of the two-year  trail horse program. It seems to be going pretty well and everyone seems pleased with my progress.  I have cutting horse blood  in my veins and I am quick on  my feet.  I can spin fast. The guy sitting on my back wants me to spin once in a while,  but mostly we keep to the trails. I neck rein with a light touch like a good trail horse and know what whoa means. I also know what happens if I don’t whoa. If you forget what whoa means  he makes your  feet move till you  get real tired. I figured out you better stop fast when you hear whoa.  One of my favorite things to do at the ranch is trail the goats. It’s  these little animals with horns  running around everywhere  and I like to just follow them thru the trees and rocks. I  can keep up with all the zigging and zagging they do and can go anywhere they can. Wish the guy on my back  would let me do it more, but he  keeps making me  go back to work on the trails. I thought about working as a competitive reining horse when I grow up, ( the talent is there ), but I’m glad to be in the trail horse program ’cause I like people. Well I gotta go or else someone’s going to eat my feed! Click here to check out what Pete has been up to!

See Pete’s Bloodlines

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