The Horse Needs To Compliment The Rider


Your horse needs to fit you. Size is important, but temperament, experience, training, and personality are probably more important.  You know how some people just annoy you. As hard as you try to like them, it’s not a good fit. Yet, you meet others that hit it off with you immediately and strike up a great friendship. Horses are no different, some fit you better than others. We like to see people come ride our horses several times before purchasing and find out if it is a good fit. If you are going to spend a lot of  time in the saddle, why not do it with a horse you like. This is Suzie that we introduced in an earlier blog. Suzie is a wonderful mare, sweet, kind, and easy to be around. She doesn’t like to run or lope. It doesn’t mean she won’t when asked, but given her choice a steady walk is just fine. A dandy trail horse for a lot of riders, but not necessarily the best horse for a cowboy who is going to be chasing cows or loping a couple of miles to the next pasture.

We can not over emphasize getting to know the horse before you buy, not after. Most folks don’t get married on the first date and you don’t have to buy a horse on the first ride. One of our goals are horses that fit the rider so there is a long, pleasant, and happy relationship giving both horse and rider years of fun and adventure.


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