University of Michigan Offers Online Classes In Trail Riding

In you have never been on a trail ride and want some class room style learning, you might want to consider the University of Michigan’s online equine class room program. According to Dr. Chris Skelly and the university’s web page, Trail Riding 101 is an educational experience based on knowledge from equine experts  and nationally recognized equine professionals. The  course is intended to help you select the right mount and equipment for the type of trail riding you want to pursue. 

Some people like to study up before trying new adventures and like the idea of gaining some good ideas before they dive into something. If you want to try a taste of what is offered, there is a free trail riding webcast offered. It gives a nice overview for a first-time trail rider and features equine expert Dr. Jenifer Nadeau from the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Nadeau does a nice of job of simply covering a variety of tips and safety issues for trail rides. The webcast is easy to watch and filled with slides so you can easily take notes if you like. If you are considering your first trail ride, spent a half hour and learn before you go.


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