Respect Is Essential To Properly Train A Horse

According to Mike Kevil, who has more than 30 years experience training horses and starting colts, there are five common mistakes most folks make when training a horse.  Not demanding  respect from the horse is one of the mistakes. Kivel says, ” Gaining respect from their horse can be really hard for some people. It’s really not that difficult, but some people have a hard time making themselves do what’s required to get the necessary level of respect. ”

First time horse buyers or inexperienced riders commonly have this problem. It is hard for them to understand that horses must respect you or they will walk all over you.  As Kivel points out, if you don’t have respect of the ground, you aren’t going to acquire it  riding and your training is going to fail.

We see the danger in the horse lacking of respect for you just like Kivel, “A lot of problems happen because a horse is allowed to do something wrong that the owner doesn’t perceive as a potential problem. Then the owner will say something like, “’All of a sudden, one day he bit me.’ It didn’t happen ‘all of a sudden.’ Over a period of time, the horse went from friendly, to pushy, to bold, and then to biting. When you don’t see it coming, it just seems like it happens all of a sudden.”

If you want to avoid accidents and problems, make sure you learn how to get the horse to respect you. We believe new riders learn this lesson best in working with a well- trained horse who will likely give a certain amount of respect right from the start. An experienced horse allows a beginner to see how a horse should properly behave.  If you’ve never experienced a respectful horse, it is really difficult to know what you should expect. We agree every horse needs to understand the rider deserves to be treated right!

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