Qualities of a Good Trail Horse

Russ at Outfitters Supply says, ” When looking for a trail horse, age is always a factor and younger is not necessarily better. I personally prefer to buy a horse that I can get on and ride from day one. ”  A lot of busy professionals agree with him wholeheartedly. Training a horse takes a lot of time that some people just don’t have. They love to ride, but can’t fit  in the day-to-day time it takes to properly train a trail horse.

He has a nice list of Qualities of a Good Trail Horse. Top on the list is a calm horse. No doubt, the most important attribute in a trail horse is a calm, quiet manner. You want a horse that doesn’t get overly excited and has the temperament to quickly recover to a relaxed state even when something exciting happens.

Russ also correctly points out, ” Remember, though, age doesn’t necessarily equal experience. Real trail experience can be worth the extra money on the purchase price, especially if you are just starting out or if you are like me and want a better than average chance that you won’t have problems on the trail. I am just no longer interested in having a rodeo 15 miles from the trailer. ”



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