Fourth of July – Fabulous Training!

Fire crackers, smoke bombs, sparklers, and Roman candles are great training for young horses. The combination of noise, smoke, and flashes create an environment that can send a horse into panic mode. But every coin has two sides and the 4th of July can offer all sorts of training exercises for a good trail horse.

It needs to be done with common sense and with safety in mind. First, you have to be able to handle the horse.  Exceeding your own limitations is a No No! The safety of the horse and others also has to be given a lot of thought. A spooked horse can run over bystanders and get them hurt. A horse can run through a fence or get hurt  in a number of ways.

There is also no reason to hurt a horse’s ears or eyes by placing fireworks near the head. With some care, you can take the typical Independence Day  and turn it into a great riding day and a wonderful opportunity to desensitize your horse! Hope you have a safe and happy 4th!


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