Pete Doesn’t Have Any Shoes


Rocks are common where we ride.  This creek bed is typical. Pete, like the rest of the horses in the training program, aren’t  shod. We want horses with sound feet and able to work without the need for shoes.

Years ago we used to keep a number of horses shod and finally decided it wasn’t worth it. Aside from the expense, the timing always seemed to be up to Mr. Murphy. You know the guy who came up with Murphy’s Law, the one that says the shoe will come off in the trailer on the way to the trail ride.  We decided horses don’t have shoes in the wild and ours don’t need them either. Granted some horses have soft feet due to breeding and genetics, those horses don’t pass the test here. Sort of like boot camp, they either toughen up or we wash them out. Good feet and sound legs are physical foundation of a good trail horse.


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