Salt and Fresh Water Are Simple, But Essential For Your Horse

Summer where we live in  Bixby, Oklahoma  is hot. Temperatures last week read 108 Farenheit a couple of days. Salt and plenty of water are necessary for the proper care of horses. Without these key essentials, horses don’t do well. In fact, they will die. Don’t  forget to check to make sure you have a salt block and a good water supply in the Summer. Even automatic waters need to be checked daily. In the past, we seen these units fail in a number of ways.

One Summer the heater on one water unit  malfunctioned and went into high gear. The water was too hot to touch and the horses couldn’t drink  from it. Once the heater was disconnected, everything was fine. Other times, the floats have become stuck resulting in water running across the pasture or not letting water to flow back into the drinking bowl.

Since most of us sleep in air-conditioned houses, we can forget the importance of water and proper hydration. We take in fluids indirectly in soft drinks, etc. that keep the kidneys working. Horses rely on water and you to provide it. Salt is found in many of our foods so we often end up with more than we need. Horses on the other hand don’t  eat those french fries and need a source for salt intake.

If you haven’t checked either the salt or the water in a while, go do it right now while it’s on your mind.


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