30 Days and I’ll Make Em’ A Trail Horse!

We met a horse trainer a few years ago that still  stands out in my mind. He had a horse for sale that we went to see, but it wasn’t what we needed. Unable to convince us  to buy the horse, he went to work selling us on letting him train a horse for us. Full of great promises, I vividly recall his committment to break, train, and have any horse we wanted to bring him  ready for the trail in 30 days.

His self-confidence and bold assurances, would have been convincing if I hadn’t already owned a number of horses over the years.  At 30 days, a horse is green broke, I don’t care who trained him. Training takes time and anyone who tells you otherwise is giving you stuff that makes the grass grow green! And I don’t mean brown sugar!

A few months later, we saw the man’s name surface in a blog a woman wrote. She was angry having almost been injured when her well-trained in 30 days trail horse apparently forgot some of what he learned. The wreck almost got her badly hurt and left her scared. 

I ran across the guy again recently and he is still training horses. Sad because he still has big promises than can’t be kept. The charm and charisma let him sell folks on the idea that 30 days is all it takes.

Use your common sense when you go to buy a horse and listen to those little warnings in the back of your mind. If something doesn’t make sense, there is probably a reason. Good horses are the product of lots of wet blankets and hard work! It doesn’t come in 30 days! I will guarantee it!


One Response to 30 Days and I’ll Make Em’ A Trail Horse!

  1. Shawn McKibbin says:

    Have seen these promises made for years. I agree, a 30 day broke horse is green broke. An accident waiting to happen. I will go so far as to say a 90 or 120 day horse is pretty much the same thing, an accident waiting to happen. The more time you can put on a horse the better they are going to be.

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