Cow Horse Blood Lines Make For Great Trail Horses

We like cow horse and working horse blood lines for trail horses. So we applaud the efforts of Oklahoma Foundation Quarter Horse Registry .  It says ” The purpose of the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry is to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the working cow horse blood lines of the Foundation Quarter Horse by the individuals that the FQHR deems as Foundation bred. ” These are the blood lines are historic and produced countless champions. More important, these same blood lines have generated untold numbers of quiet and calm trail horses.

One of our primary objectives is a trail horse that can go all day with plenty of  ” get up and go ” but able to tackle the unexpected without getting overly excited. Cow horses by nature have to go from a slow walk to working cows out of the brush at a dead run in seconds. They are expected to go right back to a walk once the cow work is finished. This innate ability to change gears from full speed to slow speed in just a few steps is perfect for a trail horse.

When the unexpected happens, the horse can react to the situation  and return  to  a relaxed state using  its own natural tendencies and characteristics.  Coupled with the right training, these horses learn to go right back where they were quickly. For a lot of us, this is really important. Sure things happen on the trail and no amount of training will cover every possible contingency. So we want horses that recover from the excitement and return to everyday normal fast.

Put in everyday terms, we all know people who become upset over something and take days, if not weeks, to get over it. Others take things in stride and move on about life accepting life as it comes. Horses are just like people and some are better at overcoming the challenges thrown at them.  We want our horses settled down pronto, not several hours down the trail.

Thanks again to the Oklahoma Foundation Quarter Horse Registry for helping preserve the genetics for trail riders ( and cowboys too )!!!


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