Red, Blue, and Green Horses

Horses come in all sorts of colors, shades,  and combinations. There are blue roans, red roans, blacks, paints,  polka dot , and even yellow horses. But when you  hear about  ” green ”  horses, it has nothing to do with the color.  So what’s a green horse. Well, that’s one of those questions that if you ask 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers. You see a ” green ” horse is one of those words that does have a meaning, it just isn’t used the same way by people in  the horse industry. Sort of like the term ” vehicle ” can be anything from a moped to a dump truck. 

For some ” green ” means the horse is ” broke ”  and most likely can be ridden by a lot of people including new riders provided nothing unexpected happens. The horse will behave and ride nicely, but occasionally spook or jump at something. Others say a horse is ” green ”  just as soon as someone steps down from the first ride without the horse bucking. If you  hear some guy say,  ”  Oh, he’s a little green “, make sure you know how to ride before you climb aboard. It generally means the horse isn’t suited for a novice rider and probably not ready for a lot of experienced ones.

We have seen some pretty bad wrecks over the years when inexperienced riders end up on ” green ” horses.  Something like a rabbit jumps out of the brush and everything gets exciting.  The situation escalates from what could be a great training scenario  for the horse into a hospital trip for the rider.  Identical circumstances  with a skilled  rider  end up with the horse learning from the experience and no harm to anyone.

So when you hear someone say a horse is green, find out how they are using the term and make sure you don’t wind up learning it the hard way!

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