Training Logs Track The Horses’ Progress


Training logs are part of the  daily program we use in training  our horses  for several reasons. The obvious purpose is so we can see what the horse has done over time and chart the progress. Just like in school, the teacher sends home report cards so the parents can see the advancement. We periodically look at the horse and the development of his skills to make sure  the desired development is taking place.

We also keep logs to show people what the horse has been doing during the two years of our trail horse program  and the activities of the training by hours spent. If you want to know how many hours any of our  horses were ridden with someone in the saddle, you can find out. We don’t view training as 30 days, 60 days, or even months.

Training is logged  by hours in various activities including leading, tied standing, working on leads, trail training, etc.  Simply saying a horse has 30 days training doesn’t tell you a lot.  With some trainers it  could mean as little as 2 or 3 hours of actual time with someone sitting in the saddle and riding the horse. In our opinion, trail horses need ”  lots of   wet blankets ” meaning a lot of time being ridden under all kinds of conditions.  We keep logs to show the activities of the training and the progress for our own use and yours.

Unlike some ranches with horses for sale, we want our customers to be able to see the training provided and understand the commitment we make to develop sound, reliable trail horses. Our belief is the logs help a person interested in buying a horse to know what they are getting. Guess it is kinda like going in for heart surgery, sorta like to know how many procedures Doc did last year and how many made it before he starts ” cuttin “.


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