Excessive Heat Poses Dangers To Horses

Temperatures in and around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area have been over 115 degrees the last week. You need to take extra measures and precautions with horses any time the temperature reaches 100 degrees. We suggest you don’t ride when it is this hot if you are just a pleasure rider. Although we have not suspended training, it has been fairly limited in duration and the horses are not pushed to do a lot.

Usually in August training can be done in the early morning and evenings. One day last week the temperature was still 103 degrees at 8:30p.m. We have been carefully monitoring our horses in training to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Salt is always free choice and plenty of fresh water available. Heat is hard on livestock and you need to take it seriously. So we do. If you are going to train horses in Oklahoma, you have to do it year round, but you learn to make appropriate adjustments.

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