Training Cure

Having a problem with  . . . (_____________). Yep, you fill in the blank.  An often overlooked training cure is a long trot. Sound too simple, well try it anyway. Long trots are helpful in a number of ways.

First, it lets the horse burn off any unwanted excitement so he can relax. Second, if you initiate and maintain the trot, it reinforces you are the leader. You’ re the one that makes his feet move. Third, it sets the stage for a meaningful teaching session once he catches his breath. A little conditioning for you and the horse is a good thing as well. Now it should go without saying that you don’t go on long trots until you have whoa working properly.

These long trots solve all kinds of problems. Do you have a horse that wants to eat on the trail, he won’t eat as much trotting as walking. Have a horse that won’t stand still  while you make a quick phone call. He will when he gets tired enough. He will learn to like to stand for a few minutes. Hard to load in the trailer, take him on nice long trot and remind him who says where he goes and when. You’ll be surprised at the results.

As always, our ideas are intended for those people capable of doing them. If you just adopted one of those Federal mustangs, don’t start with the long trot unless you really ride well!!!


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