Outside Horse Training

We have a different approach to horses than a lot of facilities. We don’t train horses owned by other people. A lot of training operations and even some ranches will take outside horses and charge a monthly fee for teaching and riding your horse. We have no problem with those operations, it is just not what we want to do.

From our perspective, it is far more rewarding to see someone choose one of our horses fully broke and ready for the trails. Trying to fix problems created by years of bad habits and inexperience is hard work and sometimes impossible.

It never fails the person wanting outside training has just bought a horse that isn’t a good  fit. He may be the right color, but everything else is wrong. We see folks from time to time who take rescue horses. An admirable aspiration, but not always fully thought out ahead of time.

Our goal is to provide horses ready for folks to ride and enjoy. We like to see people having a great time and enjoying horse ownership rather than wondering how they ended up in some unpleasant situation.


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