Trouble Training Your Horse

We speak pretty plain. Some folks can appreciate it, others don’t.  The simple truth is not everyone can train a horse. Sure the clinicians say otherwise and they are experts. Some are experts in training horses and others are experts in marketing.  We have known a lot of cowboys and some pretty good trainers, they have a special ability that not everyone is given.

If you aren’t cut out to train your horse, stop trying and get one you can enjoy riding. I don’t teach 3rd Grade for a reason. I didn’t play basketball in school for a reason. There’s a lot of things in life I’m not good at doing and I accept it. Some people won’t accept they aren’t cut out to train a horse. It looks so simple.

A lesson learned years ago comes to mind. A ” professional ” is someone who does their job in such a way that it looks so easy that you can do it. ” But you can’t. A good horse trainer is doing thousands of tiny movements, gestures, and observations that many people never see while watching a training session. You can’t just read a book or watch a video and go do it. Sure there are exceptions and maybe you know someone who did. Chances are it wasn’t you. You’re reading this blog aren’t you! LOL!

We suggest if you want to trail ride, find a good horse for sale and get it. Horses are fun and meant to be  enjoyed, not to create frustration in life.  If you are spending all your time trying to teach the horse to do simple things and not succeeding, maybe it’s time to rethink things a little.

When my truck isn’t  working, I can work on it for several days and walk where I need to go. Or I can take it to a good mechanic and in a few hours be  driving. There is no false pride that keeps me from having my truck fixed. Horses on the other hand seem to have the opposite affect on a lot of people. They decide that horse training is so simple that anyone can do it or refuse to accept the fact they can’t do it.  Hey if you enjoy training your horse, by all means keep it up. If you don’t and just want to hit the trails,  then stop pretending you are a horse trainer. Find the horse you need and ride into the sunset!

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