Oolagah Lake Trail Riding

Oolagah Lake offers a beautiful setting for trail riding year round. Located just outside Tulsa ( about an hour ), the lake provides recreational trail riders a convenient place to ride. The trail is called the Will Rogers Centennial Trail and operated by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. The trail head has easy parking right off the highway. The access makes it really simple to park, unload, and hit the trail in about 10 minutes. It’s a great place for day rides and camping is available for those who want to stay. The trail is 18 miles and can be ridden in a day.

The terrain is moderate and without a lot of pitfalls. There are one or two steep areas that new trail riders should and can avoid. There are also a few muddy, boggy areas when it is wet that make good training areas. Generally if you stay on the trail, it is a wonderful place for relaxing ride. It is doggone impossible to get lost as the lake is the boundary on one side and the other fenced or otherwise clearly private properties.

The trail riders we have run across over the years have been respectful, polite, and friendly. Usually not overly crowded, the trail lets you have some fresh air, sunshine, and a day away from the cares of the world. If you need a change, load up and give Oolagah a try. We think you’ ll like it.


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