Mud Training; Good Stuff!

Rain makes  great training spots for  your horse. We have been getting some rain in Bixby, just south of Tulsa that is much-needed for the pastures. It also aids with horse training by creating some mud holes and putting water back in the creeks. Personally, I like mud and have found it to be incredibly useful in working with horses for many years.

Mud can be dangerous if your horse isn’t under control or gets panicky. But with a horse that is under control, but who needs an attitude adjustment, mud presents  a fine opportunity to work towards a mutual understanding and common ground. Riding in a mud hole requires your horse to think about what he is doing, i.e., staying on his feet. It quickly burns off that extra energy built up and leaves him ready to listen to what you want him to do.

A mud hole can be used to teach horses not to panic. Some horses get pretty excited as they sink down and try to escape, an understandable reaction.  By continuing to ride, the horse learns to remain calm in an uncomfortable circumstance that gives the trainer a soft place to land if things go wrong.

So for now we have dirty horses for sale, but offer a free wash with every purchase!


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