Montana Learning To Neck Rein

This is Montana learning to neck rein. She is a young filly we started a few months back. Notice the headstall is a halter, not a bridle. Montana has those natural genetics of a good quarter horse. She is sound and generally doesn’t get excited. There isn’t any concern she is going to take off or act silly.  Her mother, Suzie, is another one of those quiet, easy-going trail horses.

Using the halter instead of a snaffle saves her mouth while she learns to neck rein. Here the rein on the right side is lightly touching her neck while the left rein is being used to gently pull her nose around. Put in a little forward motion and you have a turn.

Riding in halter during training means when she finishes the program and is finally one of our horses for sale that we can offer her to people with the expectation that she will respond well for  customers using a simple bridle.


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