Small Fears Build Confidence and Trust

Sometimes a horse with a few quickly identified fears makes you the best trail horse. It sounds a little strange to some people, but a horse whose fears you overcome will gain trust and confidence in his rider. Since we have horses for sale in Oklahoma that are intended for serious trail riders, we like for our customers to understand a few  of the things we have learned over the years. Experience has taught us a  new horse with some small fears often turns into an excellent trail horse.

You may say that  goes against common sense, don’t you want a horse that is always calm and unafraid?  Not us! As we have said and will continue to repeat, every horse is afraid of something. The horse that is never concerned about anything will be the horse that one day blows up over an oak leaf falling on his neck or some other equally silly event. We believe in horses that have learned to handle their fears and deal with unexpected situations. 

Each to his own, but riding a horse that knows what to do when scared is far safer than a horse who just hasn’t been exposed to what is going to set him off. Give it a little thought and see if you agree.


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