Trail Riding Should Be Fun, Not Scary

Trail rides should be fun.  Sure, some may come with a sense of adventure, but there shouldn’t be apprehension to trail riding. Sarah writes, ” I don’t go trail riding very often because I like to have fun while trail riding and not fear for my life or have to work on training the horse, both of which are prone to happen when I take a green farm horse out that has never gone up or down an incline or through water and over sticks. I should know, I’ve experienced it multiple times and none of those times were fun. ”

We want to give Sarah credit for a couple of things. First, she recognizes a ” green horse ” can be dangerous. Second, she is knows the importance of riding within her ability. Both are key components to safe horse back riding. 

We love to ride the trails and use them to train our horses. In our view, those long days on the trail bring countless benefits for the horse and set the stage for teaching the horse all sorts of things from neck reining to standing quietly when offered the opportunity. We were really glad to see Sarah’s later post detailing a trail ride and the fun she had. There’s absolutely nothing better than a day on the trail on a good horse!


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