Quarter Horses Make The Best Trail Horses

We have owned or ridden nearly every breed of horse out there. So why did we select the American Quarter Horse for the trail horse of choice? Several reasons come to mind, but admittedly we live in Oklahoma. It’s quarter horse country! More importantly, the Quarter Horse has the mind, attitude, personality, willingness, and athletic ability to do the job.

Trail riding requires more self-control from a horse than almost any other activity or event. Surprise you! Well think about it for a minute. Trail horses are required to maintain self-control in all sorts of situations. They are ridden in rough terrain with natural  predator wildlife such as cougars, wolves, etc. and expected to safely take their rider where he wants to go. These horses are ridden in rescue work, parades, and around countless other events.

There are great mounts in every breed, but the Quarter Horse combines the best from our view. They work hard and enjoy the task at hand. Willing to attempt nearly anything, they still retain  a good sense of their surroundings and the situation. They learn fast and remember what you taught. Although there are benefits to every breed, the American Quarter Horse is our preferred choice.


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