Speck Is Sound, Gentle, and Calm


Speck is the perfect example of the quiet nature we like to see in one of our trail horses for sale. He doesn’t get excited about much of anything. The disposition comes from three things. Genetics surely plays a large part. The American Quarter Horse with the foundation blood lines produce nice horses. The training Speck was given used his good genetics and taught him to accept circumstances that would frighten a lot of horses. He has been required to drag tarps, ride with tarps covering him, walk across tarps, bridges, drag logs, pony colts, exposed to tractors, semi-trucks, motorcycles and everything we could throw at him. He has been exposed to sirens, barking dogs, and deer jumping up nearly underneath him. Third,we have been pulling wet blankets off his back for approaching 17 months. While Speck has a little more to complete before graduating the two-year program, he is well on his way. Not long ago he passed umbrella training where he stands still while an umbrella is opened and closed repeatedly and noisily with a rider on him.  Speck is going to make someone a really special horse with many, many years of fun and good times!

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