Losing Hope of Finding the ” Right ” Horse?

Recently we saw a post about a woman  losing hope of finding her dream horse.  She wrote, ” In the past few months I have been bucked off by a ‘total gentleman’, whipped round with on the road by a so-called ‘perfect hack’, reared up with by a ‘complete schoolmaster’ – and have now given up. I even put a very truthful wanted advert out there and the result of that adventure was being dumped on the road and generally traumatised. ”

We offered her some polite comments that might be useful to others looking for that perfect horse. Every buyer is part of the communication process that is either a success or failure. No doubt there are unscrupulous horse traders willing to sell you a heavily medicated outlaw, but there are also buyers who don’t really know how to articulate what they want.

A buyer should sit down and spend a couple of hours day dreaming about everything they plan to do with the horse AND WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Armed with these, hopefully detailed plans, the buyer should be able to develop some detailed points or outline of attributes for their purchase. Unfortunately, we often hear comments, like I want a really good horse that’s gentle.

Vague and undefined terms like ” good ” are meaningless in communication because ” good ” means something different to everyone. Don’t believe me, head down to Starbucks and ask the people standing in line to order you a ” good ” cup of coffee.

When you come to understand how many cups of ” good ” coffee are available, you will be on your way to the realization that ” good ” horses are everywhere depending on the other guy’s definition of a good horse. If you have questions, let us know. We recognize a novice horse buyer may not know what they are looking to buy and we are happy to offer things our horses are expected to do.

More importantly, we believe people need to ride the horse several times before they purchase and make sure the horse really is their dream horse.


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