Trail Horses Used To Monitor Wild Fires

The wild fires in Bixby, Oklahoma are especially concerning with the ongoing drought. This week the fires were particularly close and the horses were put to use to keep an eye on the fires. The fire departments in the area do a great job, but they are overworked with fires. Sometimes in a rural area, the fire department just lets the fires burn themselves out if no danger is posed. However, the strong winds this week constantly shifting direction meant a safe condition could have turned dangerous with little or no warning.

Since the fire department initially planned for the fires to burn out rather than extinguish them, someone needed to help keep an eye on the situation. Without sufficient man power to post a fireman to do the job, Shawn did his best to monitor the fires from horse back. One advantage to horses is the terrain. The area is rough, rocky, and hard to transverse. The horses work in this environment everyday so it was just another day at the office for them. The horse in the  News on 6 video is Doc.

We are pleased to be able to use the training our  horses receive to  support our  community and  help take care of our neighbors. We also deeply appreciate the dedication and hard work of all the firefighters who selflessly fight these fires.


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