Nice To Meet You, I’m Jack


It is my pleasure to meet you, my name is Jack. I am an AQHA registered quarter horse in the two-year trail riding program and plan to graduate in May, 2013. Trails are fun to me, I like to see new things and enjoy the opportunity to go places. In my training, I learned how to neck rein, load and unload from the trailer, how to ground tie, and to keep my feet under me on the trail. I have been ridden a lot and covered many, many miles in all sorts of situations from rescue operations to helping monitor wild fires. The training program has really expanded my natural abilities and a lot of hours were spent working livestock. I can pull tires, logs, fence posts, 55 gallon barrels, and have ponied a lot of other horses. I am not afraid of a hard day’s work and don’t mind getting a little dirty. My trainers say I’m an all around horse that can do anything I am asked.  The trainers seem really pleased with my calm attitude and willingness to do the job at hand. My grades have been good and I plan to graduate and move on to full-time work with a great owner. I am looking forward to lots of fun and good times when I start my next job! Come see me some time and scratch my ears – I really like that. Click here to check out what Jack has been up to!

See Jack’s Bloodlines

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