Breaking News For Some; Horses Aren’t People

We have a bit of disturbing news for some folks; horses are animals. Yep, it’s true. Horses are not human and never will be. Don’t get us wrong, we really like horses and LOVE to trail ride! Sometimes a good horse makes better company than humans, especially if you aren’t in the mood to talk. And sure our horses come up to the gate to have their head rubbed and ears scratched.

We unfortunately have a world of people who learned most of what they know about horses watching cartoons and movies. The entertainment industry has created a myth that horses are your friend. We aren’t saying your horse can’t offer companionship or give you some moral support once in a while. Just don’t get to thinking they are human. They just aren’t.

To believe your horse thinks like you do is just an accident waiting to happen. Horses respond differently, think differently, and have different needs than us. If you forget this distinction, it will get you or someone else hurt. Some of the worst horse accidents are caused by a horse that is essentially spoiled and one day decides to throw a temper tantrum. You don’t have to be kicked or bit many times before you understand what we are trying to say.

Part of our job is to educate and some folks aren’t going to like everything we try to teach. Chances are that someone from the cartoon generation will read this post. They may truly believe horses are our friends. We can only hope they will give some polite consideration to a life time of experience we have around these creatures. As much as we like ’em, they are still just animals.


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