Horses Weren’t Made To Live In A Stall

We read with some interest a debate between two veterinarians over whether you should keep a horse in a stall. Dr. Thomas R. Lenz and his wife are both veterinarians and disagree over the proper way to maintain a horse. We are not veterinarians, but have owned a few horses over the years. We seen the temperature in our Bixby, Oklahoma ranch reach 121 degrees Farenheit in the Summer and minus 28 degrees in the Winter. We have seen the snow so deep the truck was stuck for a week with drifts 4 feet deep. We have young horses and old, some over 30 years.

These horses are maintained in the pasture with sheds. They receive plenty of hay and fresh water along with adequate salt. The old geldings we have in retirement are so old they don’t have any teeth. The eat twice a day and get only store-bought horse feed with water to soften it. These guys have lived long lives and always been happy living in the outdoors.

Like we said recently, horses aren’t people. Trying to give them human attributes and needs is okay to a point, but then it really should stop. Letting a horse live in the great outdoors is not mean, it’s ideal.


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