Billy Cook Saddles; Our Preferred Choice

Billy Cook Saddlery makes a moderately priced western saddle that works well for trail riding. We like Billy Cook because the saddles are a working saddle that will take a fair amount of use without breaking down. The saddles tend to fit quarter horses pretty well and make a comfortable ride for the horse. Comfort for both the horse and rider are important when you  spend 10 – 12 hour days in the saddle. Billy Cook saddles are used by a lot of working cowboys. If you get interested in a Billy Cook, it is important to confirm it is a genuine Billy Cook from Sulphur, Oklahoma.

You can’t purchase a saddle direct from the maker; instead you have to go through a reseller. We have bought many of ours from the Allen Ranch Saddle Shop. Stanley Allen, the owner, is a straight-up, hard-working saddle maker that will treat you fair and square. Stanley also builds custom saddles if you want something extra. He can make or get you anything you need.

If you are going to ride horses, good equipment makes a world of difference. In our experience, if you cut corners, it will usually cost more in the long run. Cheap saddles break and wear out pretty fast. A poor quality saddle that breaks while you are riding is inconvenient. It can also result in accidents.


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