Rope Halters Give Greater Control

There are more types of halters on the market than ever before. Leather, nylon, decorated, and every color combination imaginable. We prefer the rope halters as a general rule and nothing fancy. Natural Horse Supply said it pretty well, “Rope halters convey a ‘message’ to the horse. A typical flat halter is very difficult to train with because a horse can lean on it – making training difficult. Rope halters work because the relatively thin rope causes the horse to yield to their own pressure — teaching them not to lean. Yet, the rope is soft and comfortable to the horse when they are yielding. The strategically placed knots on the halter also assist in this process.”

For us halters are just another tool. We need them strong enough to hold a stubborn horse that sits back to deliberately break the rope or to keep a panicky horse from getting away. Once a horse has properly learned how to act, nearly any style will work. We still have a few old flat halters hanging around, but generally use the rope halters. Every once in a while a horse will decide to test a situation and we want him to remember the need to give to the pressure.


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