Horses For Sale

Our two-year trail riding program was started because we saw the need for well-broke, sound trail horses and recognized the value of them. A good horse is hard to find, but worth every penny! There are huge quantities of horses that aren’t broke, aren’t sound, and can’t be ridden by the average rider. The sale barns are filled with the same horses going through one-more time for the next unwitting buyer.

Some horses just don’t make it through our two-year trail horse program. They may make a useable  horse for a real experienced rider, but not be suitable for the quality trail horses we turn out. It can be the wrong temperament or disposition that renders them too impatient to meet our standards. It may be a physical impairment that prevents the horse from doing a full day of work or feet that are too soft to handle the rocks. Still the horse may be acceptable for some other purpose or need.

The horses that graduate and sold thru our two-year trail horse program are broke, experienced and trained. However, we also know some of our horses may be sold ahead of their graduation date . Folks see them riding well and want to take them home before graduation. While we will sell a horse ahead of graduation, we don’t let anyone represent they have purchased a horse that passed our trail program unless it actually graduates

When we have a horse that is unfit, rogue, or genuinely unsafe, we take it to the sale barn and put it in the lucky horse lottery just like everyone else. The horses you see on this blog are sold by  the ranch  with as much disclosure as we can give. We want people to know what they are buying before they spend the money.

Our experience shows that not every rider is suited for every horse. The hospitals and orthopedic surgeons provide the proof. We always suggest that customers ride our horses several different times and try a number of them to find the one that is right for their personality and ability. We stress not everyone is going to be a superstar and you don’t need to be to have fun.

Many people who contact us have considerable riding experience gained from years  in various disciplines. These individuals have reached that stage of life where they still want to actively ride, but they want a horse that is ready to use. They have done the training route and understand the time it takes and the risks of riding inexperienced or even green horses. Although no one can assure an accident won’t happen, a good, well-broke horse can be the difference.

It only takes one ambulance ride and overnight stay in the hospital to easily pay the cost of a good horse. Not to mention, the pain associated with being thrown, bucked off, and injured. Our goal is for people to safely ride and enjoy life. Horses are a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the world from a view-point like no other.

We also get  contacted by busy professionals who want to ride, but have  demanding jobs that don’t always give the time they would like to spend riding. They  just don’t have the hours it takes to work with a  green  or unbroken horse. While many long to ride every day, they just can’t.  So when their day off  finally arrives, they don’t feel safe climbing on their  horse because it isn’t trustworthy. So  they end up not riding, but lounging their horse in circles.

If you are looking for horse you can actually ride and enjoy, you might take a look at the horses listed in the for sale category. Let us know if we can help you find that special horse that will be the perfect fit for your needs.


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