Meet Pat


This is Pat. No, he’s not in the training program, just a little past that stage of life. Pat has senior status at the ranch and pretty well living the good life. He has earned his retirement and never paid one dime to Social Security. An unregistered quarter horse, we bought Pat over 15 years ago. He has taught a lot of people how to ride. When we talk about disposition in a trail horse, there’s none better than this gelding. He watched over countless kids learning to ride and helped a number of adults gain confidence by riding a horse that knows how to act. We don’t know Pat’s exact age, but estimate him approaching 30 years old. He was the type of horse you could leave in the pasture for 6 months and saddle up the next time you wanted to ride without a second thought. Not afraid of anything, Pat took the trails with a steady and surefooted pace. We still think he is a “pretty” horse. Not because he is the best looking horse we ever saw, but because we could trust him with a two-year old child or an 80-year-old lady. Yep, Pat earned his keep and put enough of those warm memories in our mind for us to just keep him forever.


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