A Great Trail Horse

We are grateful to have been blessed with the enjoyment of owning and riding him. Pat was a dandy; you don’t find many like him. We introduced Pat recently in this blog. ( See Trail Horse Category in December, 2012 ) He taught a lot of people how to ride and displayed the ultimate manners of a trail horse. Calm, relaxed, and reliable in every situation. It doesn’t seem all that long ago, ( 15 years ) that we led Pat up to the back of a four-horse stock trailer that wasn’t hooked to the truck. Not really thinking there would be a problem, we told Pat to load up. He got both front feet inside when the trailer tilted. The rear of the trailer hit the ground and the front stood in the air with Pat patiently waiting for us to tell him what to do next. When we backed him out, he never flinched as the front of the trailer fell down with a loud boom. Tough to beat that kind of horse.

He was fearless in every situation. One day we let a black lab come out to the ranch for some exercise. Not used to horses, he ran straight up to Pat and jumped into his face. Just to make sure everyone understood their respective roles, Pat grabbed the back of his neck by the skin and flung the dog weighing a good 95 lbs. about ten feet.  He simply wasn’t afraid of things.

We lost Pat today. He was just too weak to stand by the time the vet arrived and he was put down not long after. Aside from being thankful for the many good years on the trail and the countless people we trusted him to safely ride, we feel grateful to have been blessed with the circumstances and ability to let him live the last years in retirement. We hold a fundamental belief in God and part of the many blessings he provided were Pat and the resources to care for him to the end. That is a lot to be thankful for.

Pat will be remembered by us and the memories used to reinforce the type of trail horse we want leaving this ranch after completing the two-year training program. Easy going, well-mannered, calm, quiet, and ready for whatever you ask them to do. A good horse is a real joy to have and we are thankful to have enjoyed some really good ones through  the years.


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