I Thought That Horse Was Trained

You hear it far too often. Someone buys a horse off the race track. After the wreck, they tell you they assumed the horse was trained. It wasn’t. Many people assume that since race horses have a lot of training, the horse is broke. They mistakenly decide that a horse that didn’t make it as a race horse is a great buy. Afterall, it sounds good. You get great genetics, papers, and the benefit of all the expensive,  professional training someone put into the horse.

It rarely works. Why you may ask? One reason is the training the horse received is probably not the training the horse needs for your purposes. Just because a horse has been trained to race doesn’t mean it has good manners on the ground or understands a lot of basic things your horse should know. The horse was taught to run and to run fast. Nothing else really mattered. He could be a little hard to get along with and the owner didn’t care if he could win races.

Generally when you need a plumber, you don’t call an accountant. The training given the accountant doesn’t qualify him to fix your leak or unplug your drain. You recognize the training of the professional you hire has to match your goals. Apply the same principle to horse training and the world starts to take a slightly different view. Just because a horse has a lot of training doesn’t mean it is going to do you any good.

When you stumble across one of those deals where you can buy an  injured race horse or one that didn’t quite make it at the track, don’t. Take your money and bet it on the second horse from the inside in the 3rd race to win. Either way, it’s a sucker’s bet, but your odds are better at the track.


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