Practice Loading Your Horse in the Trailer

Spring will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to work with your horse to quietly and quickly load in the trailer. When the time comes to load up for a trail ride or possibly a play day, the last thing you need is a horse that is difficult to load in your trailer. It takes away from the fun and might even mean you miss the event entirely. Wouldn’t be the first time, we’ve  heard, “Yeah, I was planning to go, but I couldn’t get my horse loaded up.” The solution is some advance training and practice.

Horses can get a little rusty on their skills just like the rest of us. A couple of practice sessions will bring everything back to memory and make your first trip a success. Not to mention, for those who don’t haul frequently, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you remember the steps to hooking up the trailer and lights.

Spending some time now will pay off for you later. Plus working with your horse on Saturday afternoon is a lot more fun than anything else you might do.


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