Training Doesn’t Always Go The Way You Expect

Horse training like a lot of jobs comes with some unexpected events. The kind of thing you watch happen and scratch your head wondering how you got there. We had one of those mornings recently. Planning to do some pack string work, five horses were saddled and tied in a row. With every thing in order and each horse tied to the one ahead of it,  the little pack string was started out the gate.

We have a couple of miniature horses that aren’t worth much and kept around as pets. We sort of inherited their care and let them stay for some reason. Forgetting that Smokey, a little grey horse, had gotten out earlier that morning, he decided to run towards the string of much bigger horses. All our horses are used to the miniatures and share the paddock with them from time to time.  They are used to seeing the little speed demon come charging up to them full tilt. ( He doesn’t run that fast, just likes to think he is speedy! )

He ran straight at P.J. who had been placed as the lead horse and was going to be ridden once outside the gate. Seeing the boldness of the little horse coming at him, he immediately planted both feet in the dirt and started backing up. Well, all the horses in the string have been properly trained and did exactly what they were supposed to do. They backed up. The last horse right into a water hydrant and over the top. Water started to spray.

Sure wish we had been running the video, it would have made a good one. A few hours later, new hydrant installed, the string was headed out the gate and down the road. Didn’ t plan to replace the water hydrant as part of the horse training. But horse training comes with lots of little unexpected moments. If we keep it up, we may have to find a good plumber.

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