Our Nod to the Northeast Oklahoma Ranch Roping Association

Real cowboys understand working livestock is not just about speed or competition. Genuine cowboys recognize working cattle quietly and safely is critical to the health of the animals and the ease of getting the job done. In the spirit of ranch roping, Oklahoma is fortunate to have a group of folks working to maintain those skills.

“The Northeast Oklahoma Ranch Roping Association was founded in 2008 by Iain Davis and Ryan & Rebecca Brand, as a means of promoting reata-style roping in the area. The directors are all working ranch cowboys, cowgirls, or buckaroos, and know the benefits of practical roping skills for low-stress cattle care. We have tried to organize a group of like-minded people who truly care about the humane treatment of stock, and who wish to learn, improve and practice with one another.”

One of most interesting aspects of ranch roping is how easy it looks as a spectator. The cowboy just sets on that horse and flicks the rope. It all happens in the blink of an eye and when done right is hardly noticed. The cowboy is quiet, the horse is calm, and the cow or calf isn’t even sure what happened. We appreciate the hard work these folks have put into trying preserve these skills and to educate others that want to learn. If you are interested in the ways real cowboys did their work, you should check these folks out.


One Response to Our Nod to the Northeast Oklahoma Ranch Roping Association

  1. Iain A Davis says:

    Thanks! You have some great articles on here.


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