Worming Horses Should Be Easy

We sometimes run across people who complain their horses are hard to worm. It really shouldn’t be any big deal if your horse is properly trained. If things are as they should be, it only takes about 20 seconds. You adjust for the weight and squirt the paste in the mouth. If you put it under the tongue, it is a little harder for the horse to spit out. Otherwise, you can push up the horse’s chin and stroke his neck until he swallows.

Some may ask, how can I train my horse? We sell a video you can have your horse watch for $19.95. If you can get him to actually watch it start to finish, we’ll refund your money. Just kidding!

Training for worming is as simple as placing a bit in his mouth. Practice putting your thumb in the horse’s mouth every time you bridle and even when you just halter him. You want the horse to readily accept you placing small things inside his cheek and under his tongue. An old syringe works well ( without the needle ).  Use one about the same size as a paste wormer and practice with it. We don’t like a lot of treats as a rule, but an occasional ounce or so of pancake syrup will make him ask for more. Don’t over do the treats, it creates other problems down the road.

If you practice a couple of times a week for a short while, your horse will soon be where you can worm him anytime you want and without a fuss.


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