Where Do You Buy A Horse?

Don’t you wish for one of those spectacular deals that let’s you get a great horse for a song. One of those situations, where the neighbor down the road has a great trail horse and suddenly decides to sell everything he has to join the foreign legion. Yeah well, just keep go right on waiting and hoping.

Of course, you could go to the sale barn. Years ago, we ran across a newbie horsewoman. She had only ridden a horse two or three times when she decided to purchase her own mount. She went to the Friday night sale by herself and came back with a horse. It never kicked, bucked, or acted up. She trail rode it, took it to parades, and loaded the horse in a single axle, one horse trailer that would barely hold a Shetland pony. The horse was a bargain beyond description.

Well, before you try it yourself, make sure your life, health, and disability insurance is paid up. Experienced horse traders find surprises when they come back from the auction with new horses. There’s a reason horses are cheap at the sale barn and it’s not just because somebody decided to sell them quick. Don’t mistake us, good horses go through sale barns. Sort of like taking a child fishing and watching him cast his unbaited hook into the water. Once in a while, there’s a catch, but not often.

The best place to buy a horse is from a person who is selling a horse you already know. Makes perfect sense, you know what you are purchasing and can evaluate the transaction from all angles. Yep, it’s still the same old problem, those situations are few and far between. Most people who have a horse they like, aren’t looking to sell it. So the opportunity to find this type of market is limited.

So where do you buy a horse? You need to do some homework and find a place that does a couple of things:

        1.     sells sound quality stock,

        2.     encourages you to ride, test, and get to know the horse BEFORE you buy it,

        3.     sells horses that perform in the environment you plan to use the horse, and

        4.     prefers to lose a sale than sell you a horse not suited to your riding experience and ability. 

Are these facilities particularly easy to locate?  Not necessarily, but the odds are considerably better than your other choices and far more within your control. After all, if you are speaking to a seller who doesn’t meet any of the above criteria, go some place else. You don”t have to keep talking to them and you sure don’t have to give them your hard-earned money.

Our principle aim is to match you to a horse that does what you want. We aren’t about volume and never will be. We are all about quality and the genuine pleasure of seeing folks find the horse that is right for them!




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