What’s The Right Horse For Me?

The right horse for you depends on many factors including “You”! Horses are like football players, not everyone is a quarterback. Some are linemen, others are the center or play a defensive position. So ask, what makes the right person to play football? Sort of depends on the position the team needs. The little guy who can kick a 50 yard field goal isn’t the guy you need snapping the ball.

First, you need to know yourself, your ability, your confidence level, and your intended use of a horse. If you can’t answer these questions, you have no business buying a horse. You are just an accident waiting to happen as far as we are concerned. Anyone with horse experience will understand what we are describing and tell you the same thing if they are being honest with you.

Pick a horse that is suited for your intended use. There is no reason to look at polo horses if you don’t play polo. You don’t need a jumper if you don’t know how to sit a horse slowly loping down the trail. You certainly don’t need a race horse if you don’t intend to race. Horses, like football players, are suited to specific positions. Our horses are selected and retained to do certain tasks such as trail riding, search and rescue, ranch work, and general pleasure. These horses have the ability to do a lot of different things including parades, play days, and some rodeo work. They are not all suited to do everything.

The right horse for you is one you can actually ride safely and have fun in the equine activities you want to enjoy. If you want to play polo, you need to look elsewhere. If you want to jump, better look other places. Although you can jump off the tailgate of the truck if want!

Our horses may or may not suit your needs. We are happy to tell you about any horse we have and its experience, ability and likely intended use. You can ask us about the horse before letting us know what it is you need. We are pleased to tell you about any and all of them. However, after we tell you about our horses, you need to expect some questions about you, your intended use, and your experience.

You should also be prepared to hear, we would like you to come ride the horse you like several times before you buy. Once we have met the first time, you will probably be told to come back several times WITHOUT letting us know when you are coming. We tell folks all the time to pull up to the gate and call to let us know they are there and ready.

We are comfortable with our horses and you need to be as well. We can’t be confident that any given horse is right for you until we get to know you, your experience, your planned use, and if the horse will be a good fit for you.


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