Water Puddles For Training

The recent rains have brought us some valuable training tools – water puddles. Yes, water puddles are a fun way to work on control with your horse.  As you ride up to the puddle, you point your horse straight at it. Look further down the road with the expectation your horse is going to walk straight through it. He should.

Sometimes he won’t and then the training begins. Ride him in a circle back to the start and try again.  Often a horse will walk over the water, side pass, and do all sorts of gymnastics to stay out of the puddle. Don’t give up.  Some horses take a bit of encouragement and patience. With time some work, you can have your horse going in a straight line right through the middle of them. It is a good exercise to develop the precise steering that you will sometimes need on the trail. It also keeps your horse ready to cross water when you ask.

It’s a great way to make use of the rain and work with your horse.


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