Hay Prices Are Going Down This Year

We predict hay prices are going down this year. Prices have been high the last two years due to the drought in Oklahoma coupled with the drought in Texas the year prior to the drought here. Today was another really nice rain all morning with the sun coming out late in the afternoon.  The lakes and ponds are full and back to normal. It is a true blessing to see the green grass covering the ground.

Agriculture runs in cycles and it is time for hay prices to move downward this year and continue down the next year as well. It’s part of the inevitable cycle. If you buy your hay for your horses, we anticipate your feed costs are going to drop this year. Assuming hay prices lower as we expect, then feed prices will decrease some as well. Last year a lot of people shifted to feeding more grain than hay to survive the drought. With it ending, all feed prices will be lower this year. Maybe not the best news for the hay business, but nice for the equine industry.



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