Your Horse Doesn’t Neck Rein?

Some of us grew riding horses.We never used two-handed reining that seems to be gaining some popularity today.  Ours always neck reined, probably part of that Oklahoma heritage and way of life. In the old days, no one wanted a horse that wouldn’t neck rein. Horses were ridden for pleasure, but also expected to be able to work when needed.

If you work on a ranch or use your horse to assist with your job, you need at least one hand for the task. Sometimes you need both hands for the job. Using both hands on the reins just doesn’t  make sense from our point of view. 

We feel pretty strongly about horses that don’t neck rein. They need to be taught. Maybe it’s the old cowboy customs lurking in the deep recesses of our memories, but a horse that can’t neck rein is like a bridle without reins. What’s the point? Our quarter horses for sale in Oklahoma neck rein if for no other reason than so the next generation can text while they ride!


One Response to Your Horse Doesn’t Neck Rein?

  1. Ashley says:

    I love this one!!

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