Cowboy Talk

Sometimes you don’t realize the things you take for granted. Words for instance. We don’t think twice about all sorts of words and terms that not everyone uses. It hadn’t really occurred to me until stumbling across a Cowboy Dictionary. It caught my attention and I scrolled down through the list of terms and definitions thinking why wouldn’t anyone know these. But, then it occurred to me that many people in big cities would have no reason to know the meaning of  many of the words.

If you read this blog and see a word you don’t know, the Cowboy Dictionary might help. Most of the words listed are pretty well-defined and it gives some background if you hear or see a word you that isn’t familiar to you. The author also did a nice job with some photographs to illustrate what things look like.

One of my favorites is “cattle guard” If you bounced across as many as we have, you forget how easily the phrase leave someone who had never seen one with a completely different impression. After you think about it, how many people use terms like bosal, hackamore, green broke, chaps, chinks, cold-backed, and a bunch of others. Hope it helps if you didn’t grow up around cowboys.

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