Chex Will Tell You Some Lessons Only Come From Experience

ChexThere are some lessons and training that just can’t be reproduced. It comes from experience  and simply doing the job. You know, the events that take place when life just happens.

Chex, one of our AQHA quarter horses participating in the two-year training program had one of those lessons this week. He dropped his back legs into a sink hole and got stuck while being ridden. It would be doggone hard to replicate a hole suddenly opening in the ground and the back-end dropping in it.

We’ve been blessed with quite a bit of rain and much of it has started to soak into the ground. Having been so dry the last two years, some of the earth apparently fell away underneath. Chex’s back legs dropped down up to the hock. He handled it pretty well and didn’t get real excited. It turned out his calm, laid back personality paid off for him because his left leg was stuck. Unable to climb out by himself, it was necessary to dismount and help pull him out.

Part of what makes a good horse is experience. It doesn’t come from running around in circles in a ring. It comes from day in and day out work. It’s life. Chex did well and learned once again to keep his head, not get too excited, and it all works out. Just another day on the job for Chex. He’s making one fine horse!



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